Where Did the Time Go?

It’s almost time for school to start already.

Exciting for parents, not so much for kids.

So to help you with the trauma of Back to School stress we have found 30 different hacks for you. 

Pay close attention to number 30, I think you will like that one best…..

  1. Pick out clothes for each day on Sunday night so children only have to pull from the stack each morning.
  2. Color coordinate lunch box and backpack for each child so there is no confusion in mornings on who gets what.
  3. Make Freezer Breakfasts ahead of time to make your mornings easier.
  4. In the evening portion cereal into bowls with lids so that the kids can pour milk, eat and go.  Add fresh fruit that they can add to their cereal in a separate bowl.  You can even portion out milk into a small container too.  Keep it simple!
  5. Create a fun chore board for the family to use to keep track of daily tasks. Dry erase boards, markers and fun magnets are a great way to mix it up.
  6. Create a Homework Station that will keep kids on track when they have work to do after school.
  7. Make their supplies unique with a few pieces of Washi Tape or Fashion Duct Tape, so they are more likely to keep track of them or consider ordering labels.
  8. Save time and money with these easy DIY Lunchbox Icepacks
  9. Sync the family schedule to your phone for easy reminders with the Google Calendar App.
  10. Give your kids a boost of love with these fun Lunchbox Love Notes each day.
  11. Create a simple bath and shower schedule so morning toilets are quick, easy and without arguments and fighting.
  12. Start your earlier bedtime schedule at least two weeks before school starts to help kids adjust easily to the changes.
  13. Print this Free Back To School Morning Routine Printable to help you stay organized this Fall.
  14. Buy an extra set of school supplies to have at home so there is no need to worry about forgetting to take back to school each day.
  15. Give everyone in the family an “inbox” for paperwork that needs to be signed, completed or returned to school. This will cut back on missing assignments and make back to school organization a breeze.
  16. Buy only clothes that easily mix and match so there are no morning arguments over strange pairings by younger kids.
  17. Update your mudroom with a simple wall hanging coat rack that will double as a back to school backpack organization hook.
  18. Conquer Back To School frustrations with an afternoon “date” with each child within the first few weeks.
  19. Turn off wifi and unplug electronics each evening until homework is completed.
  20. That goes for Mom & Dad too. Make yourself available to your kids each day while they attend to homework so you can see what they are doing and give them needed encouragement and help.
  21. Only allow each child to choose one sport or extra curricular activity each semester. This prevents them being overwhelmed and your schedule being overbooked.
  22. Make a menu plan that lets everyone in the family choose at least one meal a week they want to have. When it comes to back to school organizing, having food scheduled and planned in advance will save you at least 4-5 hours a week of panic and frustration.
  23. Stick to your menu plan instead of grabbing take out.
  24. Use over the door shoe organizers to store craft and school supplies in your office for easy access.
  25. Use your Crock Pot. Not sure where to begin? Check out our Crock Pot Recipes.
  26. Give your kids daily chores and hold them responsible. Feeding pets, doing dishes, taking out trash and keeping their rooms tidy are easy and help relieve your stress level.
  27. Don’t forget to stop and listen to your kids needs.
  28. Create a chalkboard wall with inexpensive chalkboard paint or vinyl decals.
  29. Make a Back To School Organization Board with a cork or peg board like this one shown in Parents Magazine.
  30. Make time for a glass of wine, a bubble bath or your favorite reality TV show at least once a week. You deserve to relax and clear your head to start over again the next day.