What’s Keeping you from Owning Your Own Business?

So what is keeping you from owning your own business? The cost? The fear of being alone? The thought of having to market yourself?

Fear no more!

We at Jan Pro of New Mexico understand all of those concerns and we are willing to help you face them head on.

So you have been thinking for quite some time that you would like to be your own boss, to work for yourself, to set your own hours. Where do you start?

You start by calling me, Sophia, also known as The Office Goddess at Jan Pro of New Mexico. We will set a time to sit down and talk about all of the aspects of becoming a Jan Pro Commercial Cleaning business owner.

So to wet your appetite, here are some FAQs.

    How much money will I have to have to start my business?

    That will depend on you, however, the minimum amount is just about $2000.00, which includes the business and equipment.

 Q. Do I have to find my own customers?

 A. You can if you would like, but we at Jan Pro NM will take care of that for you and offer you accounts that fit your parameters. 

 Q. How many days a week do I have to work?

 A. That depends on you. This is your business. You tell me when you want to work.

 Q. Do you have enough customers for all the franchisees?

 A. We have the territory between Santa Fe and Belen. There are thousands of potential customers.

 Q. Do you have someone there who speaks Spanish?

 A. Absolutely. We have a bilingual translator who will work with you in all aspects of starting and building your business.

 Q. How do I learn more about owning my own Jan Pro of NM commercial cleaning company?

 A. All you have to do is call me at 896-4440. We will set a time, at your convenience, to sit down and discuss all the information. No money will change hands and you will not be asked to make a decision on that day. We are just going to talk.

So for a no-obligation appointment, call the Office Goddess at 896-4440. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

(505) 896-4440

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