There is More Than Meets The Eye

We all know that Dawn is wonderful for removing the oil from our wildlife.I don’t know about you, but I love seeing how caring the workers are in helping the ducks, the seals, the turtles, etc.

But did you know that Dawn has a lot more super powers?

Here are a few from our first installment:

1. A shampoo for a child who has discovered that peanut butter or Vaseline can be fun to rub in their hair. It is mild enough for your child, yet strong enough to cut the grease and oil.

2. If you use products in your hair, Dawn can be used once per month as a shampoo to cut any residual product from your hair with no damage.

3. Three drops of Dawn in a gallon of water make a very good window cleaner. You can either spray it on and wipe with a clean cloth or mix it in a bucket and use a squeegee.

4. Dawn even makes a wonderful and inexpensive ice pack. Partially fill a ZipLoc bag with Dawn and freeze. It can be refrozen and will stay colder longer. And it will conform to the place you need the ice pack.

Stay tuned for more Tips and Tricks from me, The Office Goddess.