Shashi’s Dog Blog

Hi – It’s Me – Shashi

So I understand that there is a dog of a famous person who gets a space on Facebook, so I want one too. New franchisees, carpet cleaning, visitors and family. My work is never done. But I love being here at Mom and Dad’s office. I love Gia , Perla, Jessica, Rene, Carole and everyone else who comes to see me. So check out my blog. Stop by and I will take a picture with you – only if you scratch my belly. See you soon.

Thanks for My Mom’s Smile

i everyone. This is my new friend Lynn. She works at Cabezon Orthodontists in Rio Rancho. She helped my mom when she got her braces and now mom has the most beautiful smile. I got to come with mom while she picked some plastic things that go in her mouth at night. I think she said they


Where are You Dad?

I’m very sad today. My dad Robert Guido went to a place called Portland without me. I really miss him. He calls every morning and every night. I can hear him, but I can’t see him. I run to try to find him but I can’t. Mom says he will be home soon. I don’t know


Snack Time

Look who is here!!!! It’s Robin!!! I love Robin. And I know you do too….even if you don’t know it. Robin is our best friend and she makes the yummy treats every month. This time we have Salted Caramel Rice Crispy Treats and a pudding cupcake. Can you tell that Robin loves me too? We


Summer Cut

Do you like my new summer haircut?I know I do. I feel better and I look fabulous. If you remember from yesterday Alyssa was out advertising for us. She did such a great job that I’m just waiting for new franchisees and new customers to come to our door. You know you want to be


Friday the 13th

My mom thinks she is sooooo funny. I love eating ice, but somehow it got stuck to me. Does mom help? NO she does not. What does she do? She grabs her phone to take a video. I’ll show her. I’ll get this ice cube off me by myself. I don’t need her help. I



My mom is trying to get me to smile but all I want to do is sleep. She knows that my nap time is now but I guess I have to work just a few more minutes. I’m so glad I have a job that I love. I wish everyone was as happy at work


Sniper Your Office

Hi guys! I’m back! I missed you all last week. But I was home while mom and dad were at the B2B Expo. But I’m here to show you some cool stuff to keep everyone in your office healthy. I know people are getting sick with all the yucky wind and the stuff blowing around.


How Cute am I?

Hi everyone. It’s Tuesday again. And I have all my family around me- Mom, Dad, Kelly, Victor, Linn and even Carole came by. I have to get all my love today because I won’t be here next Tuesday. Next week mom and dad are going to the B2B Expo.  Come out and see them at


B2B Expo Countdown

Hi everyone. I’m here again with my dad to tell you that YOU ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS UNTIL THE GREAT, WONDERFUL AND FANTASTIC B2B EXPO. Whew! That was a mouthful. If you don’t have a booth, that’s okay. Come by and see us at the Sandia Resort & Casino on Tuesday, April 26 from 5:00


Juana is Brilliant

Oh my gosh! I have so much to tell you today. My mom and dad to me to EXHIB-0IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts today so we can pick up our brand new banner for the annual B2B Expo on April 26. Meet my new friend Juana. She is the person who designed our display. I really