Shashi’s Dog Blog

Hi – It’s Me – Shashi

So I understand that there is a dog of a famous person who gets a space on Facebook, so I want one too. New franchisees, carpet cleaning, visitors and family. My work is never done. But I love being here at Mom and Dad’s office. I love Gia , Perla, Jessica, Rene, Carole and everyone else who comes to see me. So check out my blog. Stop by and I will take a picture with you – only if you scratch my belly. See you soon.

Truck on Dennis

Hi everyone!!! It’s me again doing my favorite thing. Taking pics with the people who are important in my life. Today I want you to meet Dennis. He drives this really big truck and it has all our chemical supplies from Brady Industries.I wasn’t too sure when mom put me in the back of this


Making Franchisee Life Easier

Hi everyone. It’s that time again……my thoughts about life. So I have another new friend here at the office. Say hello to Dave Barela. He is from a chemical company named Diversey. He has helped us eliminate six different chemicals and replace it with the one you see in the photo. So if you want to


Snap Chat!

Hi everyone. Here I am again. This time mom and I are doing Snapchat. Thank you Melissa Sanchez for teaching us this last Friday. I know I look like I’m just tolerating this, but I really do love that mom wants to take pics with me. We are learning a lot of stuff and it can


Stop It Mom!

Hi everyone. Mom is playing with her app again. Can you tell? So I have some great news for you. We are working with ABQ IDSP to have a brand new website. I’m so excited. And guess what? Robert Anderson is making sure that all my blogs will be on the new website. I can’t


Pretty in Pink

Hi everyone. For my brand new followers, my name is Shashi and you can read my blog here every Tuesday. Well… mom helps me type because, you know, that opposable thumb thing. First of all, I did not get my hair dyed. Although I think I look pretty cool with pink hair. My mom was


Yay Maria

Hi everyone. It’s me again. Wow! I can’t believe that it is August already. In case you didn’t know, we had a big party for our franchise owners yesterday when they came to pick up their checks. We had food, giveaways and , most importantly, prizes. I’m here with my new friend Maria Valerio. She


Bob is My Hero

One of the best things about working with my mom and dad is getting to meet all kinds of really cool people. Here is my friend Robert Anderson. He works at the ABQ IDSP. He and all the guys are going to help us with a brand new website. I’m so excited because Bob said he


Sweet Kisses

Hi everyone. I have a new friend. Her name is Sloan. As you can tell I really like her and she likes me too. Sloan works for another very nice person, Tiffany Avery. And they work for the Sandoval Economic Alliance.  Tiffany is the Director of Marketing and Sloan is her intern. The Alliance is


Sephora Loves Us

Hi. It’s me. I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. I wasn’t sure about the noises, but mom and dad kept me safe.  I want you to meet Samuel Abrego and Angeles Franco. They clean the Sephora make up store. The people there are so happy with the way Samuel and Maria are


We Won!

Hi all my fans. Hope you are having a fabdogulous Tuesday! Guess what I got to do. I got to be home with mom for four whole days while she stayed home and painted. We both had so much fun. But today is our back to work day. So here I am with my favorite