Shashi’s Dog Blog

Hi – It’s Me – Shashi

So I understand that there is a dog of a famous person who gets a space on Facebook, so I want one too. New franchisees, carpet cleaning, visitors and family. My work is never done. But I love being here at Mom and Dad’s office. I love Gia , Perla, Jessica, Rene, Carole and everyone else who comes to see me. So check out my blog. Stop by and I will take a picture with you – only if you scratch my belly. See you soon.

It’s Time for College

      So everyone listen up, this is important. Each year at this time my mom and dad at Jan Pro of New Mexico, give two $1000.00 college scholarships away. Can you believe that? The scholarships are for our franchisees, their spouses, children or grandchildren. I think that this is so amazing. Mom and


Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Monday everyone. I know it isn’t Tuesday, but I just had to share my Happy Father’s Day with everyone. See this guy. He’s my dad, but everyone else knows him as Robert Guido​ and he is wonderful. I love him so much. I know we don’t look alike, but I wouldn’t have


I Love My Cassie

      Yay! My other big sister, Cassie Schick​ is here in my office today. Cassie speaks Spanish and Italian, so she is here helping us while Gia is at her congregation’s convention.  She is really good at Spanish. I really love Cassie. She lets me have sleep overs at her house when my



Oh my goodness. Look at this beautiful painting and its beautiful artist, Kailah. She is working for the NM Escape Room​ right on the other side of the wall from me. Isn’t she fabulous! This is just a small part of all the art that is going in Nefertari’s Tomb. I don’t know about you,


We Are Here!

      Whew! This has been a busy and exciting couple of weeks. Mom, dad, Linn​, Jon, Gia and I are in our new office. It is so beautiful and so big. I can run and run all over the place. I can’t wait for all of you to come by so I can


Out With the Old, In With the New

     So this is it everyone. This is my last blog from our old Jan Pro of New Mexico location. The next time you hear from me we will be in our big, bright, beautiful office. This is kinda weird for me. On one paw, I’m super excited to have a new place. But


I  Am So Sweet!!

Oh My Gosh!! I want you to meet my friend Marisela Bautista. She is one of our newest Franchisees. Her friend makes cakes and LOOK AT WHAT SHE BROUGHT ME!! I am a cake! I always knew I was sweet, but now everyone else knows it too. I don’t even know what to say right



      I’m ready!! Are you ready?? What do you mean ‘Ready for what?’ Don’t you know about the big move? You don’t? Oh my goodness. So my office and family here at JanPro of NM is moving on April 17th. We are going from Rio Rancho to Albuquerque. I’ve seen the new office


Happy Valentine’s Day

  Hi everyone. Hope you are having a beautiful week. My mom says that I should say “Happy Valentine’s Day”. So I am here to wish all of you love. My mom is blowing kisses to all of you. I can’t, but I am sending you puppy kisses. Someone said that I am spoiled. I


My Friend Shawna

   So I have some sad news to share. I’m not sure if you know my friend, Shawna Baker, but she took all of my pictures for our website. As a matter of fact, she came back and took more pictures for a video she was making. This is one of my favorite pictures she