Shashi’s Dog Blog

Hi – It’s Me – Shashi

So I understand that there is a dog of a famous person who gets a space on Facebook, so I want one too. New franchisees, carpet cleaning, visitors and family. My work is never done. But I love being here at Mom and Dad’s office. I love Gia , Perla, Jessica, Rene, Carole and everyone else who comes to see me. So check out my blog. Stop by and I will take a picture with you – only if you scratch my belly. See you soon.

Me and Everly

    Someone help me! What is this and what is she doing? What, mom? Oh. I see. Ok. Mom says that I should introduce to you Miss Everly Arc. She is my mom and dad’s first great-granddaughter. This is the first time Everly and I met and I think we are both a little


The Mayor and Me

    Hi everyone. I hope you are having a pupperlicious day today.  Mom and I did something very cool this morning. WE VOTED!!!! Well, mom voted and I got petted. I got the better end of that deal. Look who I saw today. Gregg Hull Mayor of Rio Rancho​. It just so happens that


My Family

     Hi everyone. I hope you are having a fantastic week.  These three people are the most wonderful people in the world and if you do not know them, then you should. Jon Fox​, Erica Ibarra​ and Gia Stein are the most loving, caring and professional people I could want as my family. Last


The NM Escape Room Guys

      Hi everyone. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. My mom and dad gave me turkey and it was so good. Do you see me with these three cool guys? I am with Darren, Ziggy and Robert from the NM Escape Room right next to my office. These guys made the


I’m Bored!

    Hi everyone. Mom and dad are in a meeting with some other humans. They say that humans are always getting together for one meeting or another. Do any of you have to go to meetings? Ugh! I’m bored. I wish it would hurry up so I can play with my dad. Mom says


Families Help Each Other

    Hi everyone. I’m sorry that it has been a while since I wrote to all of you. I have had a very important job these last couple of weeks. I have been taking care of my mom. See the cast on her nose…well she had surgery on the inside of her nose and


Hi Erica!

Guess what! I have a new family member. This is Erica Ibarra and she is our new Director of Operations. What? What happened to Jon Fox​? Absolutely nothing. He is still here, but he is now in sales with Linnette Rogers Carlson​. Today is Erica’s second day and I couldn’t wait to take a picture


Happy Birthday to Me!

      That’s right! Today I am five years old today! I’m with mom and dad and Linnette Rogers Carlson​ and Jon Fox​. I am so excited to be with all of my family here at Jan Pro. Mom got me a cupcake and this great princess hat. Sorry mom. I can only live


Meet Our New Friend Triton

    Hi everyone. It’s me again with one of my favorite humans, Gia. Not only does Gia speak Spanish…I’m a perrita by the way, she is so good at keeping our plants thriving. Gia is here to help me introduce our newest plant, Triton. Triton is a money tree. He was given to us


School Can be Fun

  Hi everyone. Check this out. My dad and Gia are teaching a class for new franchisees…or as I say, new family members. I’ve introduced them to you before, but I want to again. This is Claudia, Ronnie and Berenice. They are in the middle of their second class with my dad. You can’t hear