Special Cleaning Services

Jan Pro of New Mexico are experts at professionally cleaning all commercial facilities. However, we know that you might not be ready to make that commitment to on-going regular cleaning services.

We understand and we can discuss with you some one-time services that we can provide to you until you are ready for those on-going services.

Albuquerque, NM - Commercial Cleaning Services

These services include:

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Whether it is following the monsoon season or removing holiday paint, we can make your windows sparkle.

Periodic Deep Cleaning of Your Facility

Maybe your do not mind cleaning your facility on a regular basis, but just need that little extra deep clean in between. We are ready to help.

Refinishing of Your Hard Floors

Whether it is waxing of your vinyl tile floors or scrubbing of your porcelain tile floors, we are experts in floor care.

Office Move-In or Move-Out Clean

When you are ready to move your business there is always cleaning that needs to be done. Contact Jan Pro of New Mexico for your cleaning needs and mark that off of your to-do list.

Post Construction Clean

Whether it is new construction or a remodel of an existing business, Jan Pro of New Mexico is the only call you need to make for your clean up needs.

Contact Jan Pro of New Mexico at 505-896-4440 for a free consultation of your cleaning needs.