Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

A clean medical facility promotes confidence and a sense of well-being in your patients. We at Jan-Pro of New Mexico understand that.

Medical Clinic Cleaning Services

A Clean Medical Facility is Important to Your Patients

When you are sick, you want to have faith that your medical provider will take the best care of you. A clean facility is the best way to start. Our Franchise Owners treat your medical facility as if it were their own. They understand how important a clean medical facility is to the health and well-being of your patients.

A Clean Medical Facility is Important to your Employees

A professionally cleaned facility is important to, not only to your patients, but also to your employees. A clean facility promotes a healthy environment for your employees to spend a third of every day. Healthy employees reduces the need to call in sick

Jan-Pro of New Mexico provides extensive  training to our Franchise Owners, which includes Blood Borne Pathogen training and medical facility safety training. This training ensures that those cleaning your facility understand your specific needs.

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