Prevent Illness with Jan Pro NM

Well, it’s that time of the year.

Flu season and cold season.

The time when employee absenteeism skyrockets. The time when billions of dollars are lost due to employee illness.

So, what can you
do to help keep you and your employees healthy and at work?

We, at Jan Pro of
New Mexico, have the answer – Sniper.

No, not that kind
of sniper – well sort of.

Sniper is a chemical that lies in wait until a virus or a bacteria comes into contact with it, and then – BAM! The virus implodes and is gone.

We also have a unique way of dispersing it in your facility. An electrostatic sprayer.

That’s right, the same machine that power coats metal, can also keep your employees healthy.

This process
completely and safely coats every item in your facility without
drips, mess or residue.

If you would like
to lower your absenteeism costs, if you want to keep everyone
healthy, contact us at Jan Pro of New Mexico for more information and
to schedule your own service.

(505) 896-4440


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