I Didn’t Know That



Ok, so today’s blog on Tips and Tricks may not all be about cleaning, however, when I read some of these, I couldn’t help but say, “I didn’t know that”….hence the title.

So I thought I would share some of the cool ideas that I ran across.

Do you see that message box, yeah that one, at the bottom of the page. Well, feel free to send me some tips, tricks and ideas that you may have to add to this blog.

Here we go:

1. As an artist, my family always accuses me of decorating everything with sticks and beads. This is not far from the truth. So I found that if you put stick (and beads) on a pot on the floor and have trouble keeping them upright, add expanding foam to hold them in place. You then can decorate with stones, moss or paint.

2. Tacos in New Mexico are a staple food. However, crunchy tacos can be a bit messy. If you line the hard shell with a lettuce leaf before you add the toppings, you can avoid a mess during the taco breakage.

3.Breakfast sandwiches are all the rage now. But how do you make an egg to fit that English Muffin or bagel? You could go out and buy an appliance to make them or….. get some canning jar lids, put them in the pan and cook your perfectly round eggs that way. Cheaper and takes up less space.

4. To all you coffee drinkers, what to do with leftover coffee? And also how to make sure your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down? Wait for it…..get some old fashioned ice trays, pour your leftover coffee and freeze. The coffee ice cubes will not water down your iced coffee and will give you more flavor.

5. I love stuffed peppers, don’t you. Not green, just red, yellow and orange. But one of the hardest things about cooking them is how to keep them upright in the dish. But I just discovered that using a muffin tin will keep those peppers upright and full of the stuffing goodness.

That’s all for this time. Come back again and see more of Tips & Tricks from Jan Pro NM

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