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Prevent Illness with Jan Pro NM

Providing Protection During Cold & Flu Season

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Sophia Guido
October 2016   14571views

Share Well, it’s that time of the year.Flu season and cold season.The time when employee absenteeism skyrockets. The time when billions of dollars are lost due to employee illness.So, what can you do to help keep you and your employees healthy and at work?We, at Jan Pro of New Mexico, have the answer – Sniper.No, not that kind of sniper – well sort of.Sniper is a chemical that lies in wait until a virus or a bacteria comes into contact…

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If You Are Not Sure - Call Jan Pro NM

Clorox Wipes

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Sophia Guido
October 2016   14519views

Share We have all seen the commercials. Someone has made a huge mess on the kitchen counter top or the baby has spaghetti all over the high chair.What do we see next? The person pulls out a Clorox Wipe and cleans and disinfects the surface and everything is perfect.But does the commercial show all that it should.One look at the directions on the back of the container tells us that we are not given all the information.Reading the directions closely…

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