Me and James

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi


Hi everyone. I would like you to meet my friend James. His mom is Kelly Loewenstein​ and she is part of my family here at Jan Pro NM. James is soooo cool because he is a super star athlete with the Rio Rancho Rockets​ and the Special Olympics Rio Rancho and I am so glad he is my friend. James has won a whole bunch of awards and medals in a whole bunch of sports. Ok. Here is the list of sports the James participates in: poly-hockey, track, bowling, swimming, golf, basketball and sometimes flag football. Whew. In your face Tom Brady! (Mom is a Dolphins fan). So I am asking all of you to check with your local Special Olympics group to see how you can help my friend, James, and other athletes be successful. You will not be sorry. Until next time, have a unique week. 🐶 #officegoddess #shashisdogblog


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