Keep Your Employees Healthy

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Sophia Guido



How much time and money have you lost from employee absenteeism due to illness?

I'll bet that amount is way more than you would like it to be.

Well, we at Jan Pro of New Mexico have a solution for you. We have a process using an electrostatic sprayer to disperse a disinfecting chemical throughout your entire facility.

This process doesn't spray in the air and cause droplets to fall on everything. This process charges the chemical an allows it to adhere to every surface in your office. Finally, this process is extremely safe to computers, plants, animals and humans. I know this because Bob sprayed me one time on a job. He says it was an accident, but.....

Once we have treated your office with the Enviroshield process, you will want us to come in and keep your office clean and healthy in a regular basis.

So give us a call at 896-4440 to schedule your Enviroshield treatment today. 

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