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Clorox Wipes

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We have all seen the commercials. Someone has made a huge mess on the kitchen counter top or the baby has spaghetti all over the high chair.

What do we see next? The person pulls out a Clorox Wipe and cleans and disinfects the surface and everything is perfect.

But does the commercial show all that it should.

One look at the directions on the back of the container tells us that we are not given all the information.

Reading the directions closely you will see that in order to disinfect a surface, you have to use enough wipes to keep that surface wet for at least four minutes. Here in New Mexico, that could mean a lot of wipes.

Not only that, but the directions also say that you must clean the chemical off that surface before using it which could mean that this is a toxic chemical.

Now, think about that, have you used these wipes? Did you use enough? Did you clean off your baby’s high chair? Did you clean your kitchen counter before putting food on it?

Not many of us think to read the directions on the back.

Please look at the back of your disinfecting wipes.

Now, give us a call and we can help you and your family stay healthy and safe.

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Chlorox Disinfecting Wipes Harmful Chemicals

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