Do You Clean These Items???

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Sophia Guido
Odoo Members 


We all have those items that we clean on a regular basis - our hands, our toilet seats, our clothes...

But what about these obscure items? Have you thought about where they have been? What germs they have been in contact with? How often do you clean these?

Your toothbrush and toothbrush holder - have you seen those lately?

The inside of your trashcans - liners just don't cut it.

Remotes and controllers - whose hands are fighting over those items?

Your cell phone - where do you lay it down or who touches it?

Your steering wheel - how many times do you touch that?

Your credit cards - how much do you use those babies?

Door Locks - everyone has a hand on those.

Earbuds - need I say anything?

Ice Cube Trays - water alone will not keep that clean.

Reusable grocery bags - it not only carries your groceries, but the germs from everyone who touched them.

Just keep these items and, I'm sure, many more as you walk through your day.

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