The NM Escape Room Guys

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi



Hi everyone. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. My mom and dad gave me turkey and it was so good.

Do you see me with these three cool guys? I am with Darren, Ziggy and Robert from the NM Escape Room right next to my office. These guys made the room we are standing in. Actually it is half of a display that they are taking to Albuquerque The Magazine​ Best of City party Thursday, December 7. I really hope that my family wins for their category. Darren says that he will know tomorrow. 

This display has three different puzzles so that you can diffuse the great big bomb. I wish I had hands to solve the puzzles, but if you go to the event, you can solve them and save the city.

I will keep you informed about the outcome of the voting.

Until next time, have a unique week. 🐶


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