Happy Father's Day

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi


Happy Monday everyone. I know it isn't Tuesday, but I just had to share my Happy Father's Day with everyone. See this guy. He's my dad, but everyone else knows him as Robert Guido​ and he is wonderful. I love him so much. I know we don't look alike, but I wouldn't have any other dad in the world.

Yesterday was Father's Day and Darren Guido​, Carie Guido​, Drea Guido​, Ethan Guido​, Joseph Frantz​, Brittney Alyssa Bell​ and a few others came over to tell my dad how much they loved him. I am so happy.

Did you get to tell your dad you love him?

Mom says that sometimes the mom has to be the dad. Or the dad went to heaven. Or there is a step dad. Or there is someone other than a dad who is important. Or there are two dads. Or a grandpa.

Whoever you are, thank you for being our dads.

We love you.

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