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Hi Erica!

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
September 2017   1731views

Guess what! I have a new family member. This is Erica Ibarra and she is our new Director of Operations. What? What happened to Jon Fox​? Absolutely nothing. He is still here, but he is now in sales with Linnette Rogers Carlson​. Today is Erica's second day and I couldn't wait to take a picture with her. She is so amazing and she gives good scratches. And do you know what else? She speaks Spanish too, just like Gia. That…

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
September 2017   2049views

Share That's right! Today I am five years old today! I'm with mom and dad and Linnette Rogers Carlson​ and Jon Fox​. I am so excited to be with all of my family here at Jan Pro. Mom got me a cupcake and this great princess hat. Sorry mom. I can only live with this hat for just a short time. The cupcake was amazing! Mom said to say HI to Catherine at Walmart. She helped my mom this morning.…

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