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Meet Our New Friend Triton

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
August 2017   2211views

Share Hi everyone. It's me again with one of my favorite humans, Gia. Not only does Gia speak Spanish...I'm a perrita by the way, she is so good at keeping our plants thriving. Gia is here to help me introduce our newest plant, Triton. Triton is a money tree. He was given to us by our friends at the ABQ IDSP​, Bob, Ghandolff and Jim. Thank you guys so much for this lovely gift. I hope that you will come…

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School Can be Fun

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
August 2017   2502views

Share Hi everyone. Check this out. My dad and Gia are teaching a class for new franchisees...or as I say, new family members. I've introduced them to you before, but I want to again. This is Claudia, Ronnie and Berenice. They are in the middle of their second class with my dad. You can't hear it, but they are laughing and having fun together. Mom and dad always says that people learn more when they enjoy what they are learning.…

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