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School Can be Fun

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
August 2017   2502views

Share Hi everyone. Check this out. My dad and Gia are teaching a class for new franchisees...or as I say, new family members. I've introduced them to you before, but I want to again. This is Claudia, Ronnie and Berenice. They are in the middle of their second class with my dad. You can't hear it, but they are laughing and having fun together. Mom and dad always says that people learn more when they enjoy what they are learning.…

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It's Time for College

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
July 2017   2700views

Share So everyone listen up, this is important. Each year at this time my mom and dad at Jan Pro of New Mexico, give two $1000.00 college scholarships away. Can you believe that? The scholarships are for our franchisees, their spouses, children or grandchildren. I think that this is so amazing. Mom and dad really want to help people reach for their dreams, whether it is owning a business or going to college.The scholarship is called Your Family First Scholarship…

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