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I  Am So Sweet!!

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
March 2017   4957views

Share Oh My Gosh!!I want you to meet my friend Marisela Bautista. She is one of our newest Franchisees. Her friend makes cakes and LOOK AT WHAT SHE BROUGHT ME!!I am a cake! I always knew I was sweet, but now everyone else knows it too. I don't even know what to say right now. This is so beautiful and so wonderful. Mom says that this is what family does for each other. We do special things just to make…

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Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
March 2017   4986views

Share I'm ready!! Are you ready?? What do you mean 'Ready for what?' Don't you know about the big move? You don't? Oh my goodness. So my office and family here at JanPro of NM is moving on April 17th. We are going from Rio Rancho to Albuquerque. I've seen the new office and it is beautiful. Teal and purple. Gray floors. Tall ceilings. I can run all around in there. Mom says I have my own spot right by…

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