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Bob is My Hero

July 26, 2016

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
July 2016   4354views

Share One of the best things about working with my mom and dad is getting to meet all kinds of really cool people. Here is my friend Robert Anderson. He works at the ABQ IDSP. He and all the guys are going to help us with a brand new website. I'm so excited because Bob said he is going to help me with my own logo!!!! And I'm going to have my blogs on the website too. These guys are…

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Sweet Kisses

July 19, 2016

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
July 2016   4351views

Share Hi everyone. I have a new friend. Her name is Sloan. As you can tell I really like her and she likes me too. Sloan works for another very nice person, Tiffany Avery. And they work for the Sandoval Economic Alliance. Tiffany is the Director of Marketing and Sloan is her intern. The Alliance is having a fundraising golf tournament to help teach all kinds of people about economics. I don't have to worry about that. Mom and dad…

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Sephora Loves Us

July 5, 2016

Jan-Pro of New Mexico, Shashi
July 2016   4287views

Share Hi. It's me. I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. I wasn't sure about the noises, but mom and dad kept me safe. I want you to meet Samuel Abrego and Angeles Franco. They clean the Sephora make up store. The people there are so happy with the way Samuel and Maria are cleaning they sent us a note. This is what they said: Fantastic service and awesome techs! Jennifer wanted to make sure that (everyone)…

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